Tetra Prisma Package Print

The group of enterprises Tetra Pak is one of the largest enterprises in the world in the field of paper boxes for liquid foods and in the field of equipment and technology for the accomplishment of these paper boxes with particularly successful packaging in terms of safety and hygiene in the areas of milk, tomato, fruit juices, wine and olive oil that PEZA UNION has supported with great success.

The investment on reliable peak technology of the aseptic package Tetra Prisma aseptic offers PEZA UNION the ability of producing innovative products in continuation of the logical standardization of wine and olive oil in a box (box of 5 &3 Lt)

They are parallelepiped carton boxes of Prisma Aseptic type that are vested internally with a thin layer of aluminum which is an ideal barrier for light, oxygen and humidity. These carton boxes are offered in continuous cylinders in the form of independent widened pre-shaped items which in turn are shaped and sealed at all sides at the moment they are filled. Just before their filling and sealing the boxes are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.

This modern package Tetra Prisma of Tetra Pak protects the product effectively from exterior factors that distort its character, such as light and air, preserving its nutritious and organoleptic values intact. It is an easy-to-use package for the consumer with a safety top and modern design in an octagon shape that aims to enter dynamically in the kitchen of the contemporary household.

The easiness of transport and the low weight also comes to fill the gap that has been created in the tourist market by the new restrictive transport regulations for the hand luggage of the passengers..


Δείτε την γκάμα των κρασιών της Ένωσης Πεζών σε συσκευασία Tetra Pak
Δείτε την γκάμα των ελαιολάδων της Ένωσης Πεζών σε συσκευασία Tetra Pak