P.D.O. Print

Based on irrefutable historic evidence, statistics, chemical and organoleptic analysis, international awards and a complete study, the European Union recognized according to its decision 1109/96 the area of Peza as "P.D.O. Peza Heraklion, Crete" for the olive oil according to the Presidential Decree 61/93. It is an area that includes 20 villages in its administrative limits of the Union that, by tradition, with special know-how of the cultivating technique of its producers and in ideal soil and climate conditions of the area produce the variety "Koroneiki". The olive is processed immediately at the privately owned olive factories of the UNION with the system of "common grinding of the olive" in order to produce extra virgin olive oil with the particular organoleptic characteristics of the area. (Small sacks, immediate grinding after harvest, low temperatures at kneading of the oil paste< 27C) with continuous control of the Ministry of Agriculture and at the best conditions of Food Safety Hygiene.