The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza is located in the Prefecture of Heraklion Crete, at the Municipality of Nikos Kazantzakis. Its basic products are wine and olive oil. PEZA UNION constitutes a model organization at the agro-cooperative area since 1933.
PEZA UNION. A name which has been identified with life relations with the consumer, the environment, the rural raw materials and the producer himself. Features such as quality, tradition, reliability, healthy diet, prosperity, progress are the basic principles of PEZA UNION.
Life relation with the consumer:
Production of safe products of guaranteed quality and origin. Product inspection from the field to the shelf resulting to affordable prices. 
Life relations with the environment:
Investment on model units of standardization in paper recyclable packages.
Development of agricultural and industrial activities on unburdened areas in the country.
Keeping alive the field of olive cultivation and viniculture.
Life relation of the rural raw material and the final product:
Guidance to our producers through practices of proper cultivation to all the stages of the production process with the result the maximum possible return of the production activity and the assurance of the highest level of quality.
For us nature is a source of wealth.
Life relations with the producer himself:
By absorbing the raw material from the producers, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza ensures a descent income for them and their families encouraging them not to abandon the land that they love and care for.
It is important to mention that PEZA UNION produces wine from 15.0000 tones of wine grapes yearly while at the 2 private oil factories 6.000 tones of olives are grinded.  
The bottling of olive oil reaches the 2.000 tones while of wine the 8.000 tones every year. The innovative package Tetra Pak exceeded 4.000 tones in wine and olive oil last year. PEZA UNION owns 10.000sq.m. of storage area, for the distribution of its products in 3 centers of handling final products, which are strategically placed around the state, and also a fleet of tracks which consists of 28 vehicles.
The number of employees of PEZA UNION is 130 while the seasonal staff exceeds the 300 persons at peak seasons. The General Assembly consists of 45 representative-farmers with a four year service.
The Board of Directors consists of 5 farmers of the area with many years of experience at the agro-cooperative sector. It is elective while at the meetings an employee representative participates.   
PRESIDENT: Mr. Fragkiadoulakis George
A' VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Berkis Emmanuel
B' VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Tzanakis Dimitrios
MEMBER: Mr. Kritsotakis Georgios
MEMBER: Mr. Fiagousakis Konstantinos


This story may seem to you peculiar because it does not have a beginning and an end like the others that you have read or heard so far. It has only beginning. Because the “Thavmatohoria” (Wonder -Villages) are still alive. And life has no end…….
The heroes of our story are 10 magnificent villages: Aghies Paraskies, Aghios Vasileios, Varvaroi, Myrtia, Kalloni, Katalagari, Kellia, Kounavoi, Melesses, Peza, Houdetsi.
For years and years the Thavmatohoria led a plain life with hard work without fair reward. Then some innovators found the solution in order to surpass the difficulties. Because when there is good will, morale and willingness for common work there is a way for progress. Until then, every village had its own cooperative, which was small and limited. The thought of the innovators was simple and rational. Everybody had to see and believe the obvious, meaning that if the cooperatives of the ten villages joined in one Union they would become stronger. So it didn’t take long for PEZA UNION to become reality: the mind and the soul of all the Thavmatohorites.
“Support your Cooperative and your Union. They are your assistants and protectors. Whenever someone imputes your Cooperation or the Union seek and you will find that always this person that imputes them has a personal interest to be against them. When you have complains don’t discuss them at the coffee shops because many times you are wrong, and then you harm yourself, so much that even your greatest enemy cannot make. For every complaint resort to the Cooperative or the Union immediately.”
Farmers took in their hands the “Handbook of the First Associate” at the beginning of 1933. The above mentioned small manifest was written in the first  page. Besides, this was the target of the group of the active Cretans, which at the beginning of the same year signed for the establishment of Peza Union, with President Mr. Michalis OIkonomidis and Director Mr. Konstantinos Kalemikerakis.